News: RCD has just been awarded the 1800 Ton, Structural Steel, for the Regina Revitalization Initiative Stadium Project, in Regina Saskatchewan.


We here at RCD believe in combining 'old-school' quality with the latest 'new-school' technology. Done properly, this is a highly effective combination. We are thoroughly trained in Tekla Structures and strive to use all it's capabilities for the benefit of our clients.

We want to pass the powerful features of this program directly to you!

One feature that's becoming more popular is the web model.

Complicated details or even entire buildings can be easily reviewed via our website. These models can be viewed by anyone with a web connection. The consultant, owner, architect, fabricator and erector can fly through the building before it's even put together.

Before Tekla Structures (XSteel), we had lots of experience with AutoCAD and even SDS/2. This experience still comes in handy when working with other trades. For example, meshing Tekla models with piping and equipment models in AutoCAD to look for 'pipe clashes' or design problems. We can easily supply these exported models to architects and engineers.

Lastly, for Advance Bills, nothing beats the Tekla Structures model. We can provide accurate lists of material for all our projects. Whether it's just a PDF list, or a FabTrol file ready to be imported into your software, we're ready to provide you with what you need.