News: RCD has just been awarded the 1800 Ton, Structural Steel, for the Regina Revitalization Initiative Stadium Project, in Regina Saskatchewan.

About Us

After numerous years of working for other detailing companies, fabricators, steel suppliers and engineering firms, four colleagues came together to start a new company for. Soon after, two others joined our team of professionals that make up River City Detailers. Over the years we hope to add to this team, but we'll do so slowly and carefully to ensure high quality and experience are always at the forefront.

We learned our trade in the days of pencil on paper, and ink on Mylar. Everyone in our company has worked directly for a steel fabricator. We are therefore very familiar with the challenges of keeping a shop busy and supplied with proper drawings that are on time and error free.

Rob Coldwell - President

-25+ years experience

-Previous experience includes Dominion Bridge and KGS Group.

Bernie Funk - Project Manager / Senior Detailer

-25+ years experience

-Previous experience includes Waywest Detailing, Condraft, Saturn Holdings and KGS Group.

Corey Verhaeghe - Senior Detailer

-10+ years experience

-Previous experience includes KGS Group and Brunswick Steel.

Nick Coldwell - Junior Detailer